Wednesday, March 10, 2010

why search, just be...

I searched for inspiration at the grocery store magazine line and borders tonight. I want to add to my collage in my work studio. There I was sitting on a little stoll in the corner of borders with ten fashion magazines. Looking at latest trends, colors, designs, accessories, etc....I'm wanting to be more acquainted with the world of fashion and design. I'm making my effort of connecting to the world of fashion because I'm apparently a fashion designer now. Who would have thought a theatre major, choreographer, painter, yoga instructor would turn into an owner and designer of accessory label. BTW hair accessories (jewelry) are a big fashion these days. Buying a hair accessory is like buying a new outfit. High fashion is in the accessories ladies. so....back to borders; there I am searching for inspiration when I realized the motivation thrusting me to pull every mag off the rack, flipping through pages like a tiger searching for prey.

Now I sit here 3am...realizing yet again that I was already inspired! I am inspired! I don't need to search. Although research is very important while creating a new product line, but realizing the motivation is key. You can't search for love without love in your heart.

In the meantime I need to sleep. This might be too much info, but I just read that blogs should be personal so f it; I'm on a three week parasite/colon cleanse and I have soooo much energy these days. I fell asleep laughing the other night because I had this realization of what I am, who I am becoming, etc... and I'm so happy to be doing this, creating this, stressing this, venting this, sharing this. Beautiful Jean is my new art project, my job, my play, my life. Pinch me. Welcome to living Beautiful Jean. I made a choice three years ago before I started this company that my life was only going to get more beautiful, and what you is. Remember there is lots of beauty in the darkness. A rose is a rose even as a seed. It might not smell as sweet, but the potential is how the scent is culivated. I sound so deep, but really I just love quotes. I live by them and work to experience wise words.

Motto; Prosperity

Highlights today; got invite to be featured artist for April First Friday Art Tour Santa Cruz at Idle Hands Boutique. Sold new pieces to retail store in Carmel. Made a shout out on facebook that I need help. I want to hire more peeps. I have no shame in saying help.

New Goals; keep researching business grants for women, and start workbook, more PR, label(how will I put a label on suede?), so much more but I need to sleep not blog...night! xoxo In compassion, Bonnie Jean