Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Sharing is Caring

Beautiful Jean DOT COM Launching!!


 Bonnie Jean is happy to finally present Beautiful Jean's very own website.  After three years of dreaming, I finally met the right guy for the job.  Samson is a beautiful person and did a beautiful job on the creation of Beautiful Jean's website.  Check out his music at

On Beautiful Jean's website you will find links to online etsy store, custom order form, gallery, wholesale information and shop locations selling Beautiful Jean and more... This is a dream come true and an important moment for Beautiful Jean.  Thank you for your ongoing support of my work and I look forward to sharing more beautiful hair pieces, earrings from cruelty free happy birds.

Bonnie Jean in the process of creating new collection for the holidays.  My work is only getting better and more beautiful as I go.  The creation and journey of Beautiful Jean has been a huge blessing in my life and I have learned so much on so many levels.  I encourage anyone with a similar dream of monotizing on your art to go for it, read 'The Diamond Cutter', talk to a small business manager, find mentors, whatever it takes, find the courage and ask for help.  

'Work is love made visible'!

 Blessings and a huge THANK YOU!

In compassion,
Bonnie Jean
Designer and Owner of Beautiful Jean