About Beautiful Jean

Bonnie Jean unintentionally embarked on her accessory line Beautiful Jean, one fateful evening in September 2008 a week before her 27th birthday. Bonnie Jean and a couple girlfriends came together for a craft night to create costumes to wear at the world famous and globally participated “Earthdance” festival they were attending. The west coast of California is famous for its art and music festivals, and the communities of “festivalgoers” speak to each other through art. The feather hair clips Bonnie Jean created and wore during the festival spoke of beauty, elegance and unity with the natural world. The evolution of Beautiful Jean demonstrates Bonnie Jean’s creative energy, and has been her source of empowerment and continuous practice of fortitude.

Unique, classy and always beautiful. Beautiful Jean by Bonnie Jean works to create one of kind accessories considered as wearable pieces of art for the modern everyday women and man. Each piece is special in its own way, and created with options for versatility so that is can be worn in the hair, attached to headband, worn as tiara, or clipped to a hat or coat. Her collections always reflect up to date, eternal style that turns heads and opens the field of compliments. Her pieces will bring artistry into any place or event, making the moment she or he walks by a special event. Each angle and aspect from a Beautiful Jean collection is cared for and given fine attention to detail. Not only can you find hair and hat accessories, but also an elegant collection of earrings. Look forward to her new work, already receiving considerable attention and anticipation, adorning vintage shoes and lingerie.

Bonnie Jean personally handcrafts and designs each piece in each Beautiful Jean collection. Her collection will set you apart from the other birds in the flock. Bonnie Jean is inspired by nature, symmetry, and subtle elegance. She is drawn to using feathers and organic materials to encourage awareness of the natural world we are interconnected with. She is fascinated by the history of feathers throughout the history of every culture. Birds have been and continue to represent a source of inspiration, offering us dreams of flight and soaring above it all. Bonnie Jean enjoys promoting the symbolic nature of feathers. Feathers teach us to lighten up and let go of things that are not serving our best interests. As a rite of passage or coming of age into one’s own power, each of us must search within and discover our own true wings and take flight on our dreams.

Bonnie Jean also incorporates other treasures such as gems, crystals, fabrics, lace and wire into her pieces in order to express her multi faceted personal style and interest in playing a part in other cultures. Since childhood Bonnie Jean has been involved in theatre, loving to play dress up till this day. Bonnie Jean likes to use fashion, music and dance as an opportunity to travel through time and space and adapt to different roles and experience new worlds, hence the playful nature and versatility of her pieces. She wishes to use her accessories to inspire others to take interest in new activities, breaking out of one’s habitual way of experiencing life. She encourages others to experience the new and daring, to go where you’ve always wanted to go and be who you always wanted to be. Bonnie loves events where people are gathering together to celebrate or unify for a common interest or purpose. Her pieces are made to be worn while in the company of others, sharing one’s own unique taste, interests and beauty with the world.

Bonnie Jean makes every effort of relating to the world as an interdependent modern woman. She creates accessories to compliment and encourage women to take pride in sharing their unique aesthetic inner and outer beauty, while staying grounded with the reality of our true nature in that we are all connected together. Our personal expression of beauty reflects the nature of beauty all around us. When we share our grace and sense of style with the world we are reminding others to acknowledge the beauty of life.

After returning from a ten day Vipassana silent retreat in November 2008 Bonnie found out she had lost her job as an innkeeper. She felt overjoyed from her life transformation she had experienced during the retreat, so she knew deep in her heart her life was only going to get better from her supposed loss. Beautiful Jean is her triumphant testimony to not give up on your always changing and exciting dreams.

She starting selling her feather accessories in her hometown local farmers market in Monterey,CA. She worked every night sitting on her bedroom floor creating pieces, one after another she would go to the living room to show her mother each unique design she would come up with next. From her weekly display at the market she started to gain the attention of retail buyers, including one from the high end fashion label Badgley Mischka. She immediately started to attending trunk shows and selling at boutiques. Graduating from working on her bedroom floor she is now living at the Tannery Arts Center in Santa Cruz in a work/live artist loft. She has vowed to work as an artist and create a life out of doing what she loves the most. She created Beautiful Jean with volition to sustain her life as an artist, creating work out of play.

She is inspired and wishes to share her passion for living life to its fullest, yet staying true to her practice of awareness and equanimity. Bonnie Jean has been practicing yoga since 2001 and teaching to children and adults since 2007. Her life practice is to cultivate creative energy and then dedicate her merits for the benefit of all living beings. From childhood she never stopped practicing her art. When she can find the time and energy apart from her line of feather accessories currently in high demand, you can find her painting a new series, dancing tango, fire hooping, choreographing or performing in a production, playing flute or singing a song with a guitar.

The name Bonnie means beautiful, and from the start of her life her father has continued to call her Beautiful Jean. Bonnie Jean is her full name but creating beauty is her real claim to fame.

Discover your wings and fly!